Siam Aisin Co., Ltd.

235 Moo 7, Tha Tum District, Si Maha Phot, Prachin Buri 25140 (Thailand)
Tel. (+66) 037-270-100

Step to contact us (entrance GATE 2)

Step 1
Inform the contact person when arrived at the entrace gate.
Step 2
Register with the entrance permit form and ID cards at security guard house (gate 2)
Step 3
Go inside the company area (factory zone) with the contact person only
Step 4
Wear the visitor‘s card visibly always.

Basic Rules for Visitor

Please dress properly
and wear PPEs required.
(borrow them at
security guard house)
If you bring electric device
or any equipment,
please inform security guard
to register before entering.
Please cooperate with
the security guard to check
for entrance and exit the company.
Do not enter the company area
without the contact person.
No taking photos in the company
without permission.
Please do not bring
any food or drink into the company.
In the company,
the speed not exceed 5 km./h.
Follow the company rules
and the corporate culture.

Siam Aisin's Safety Culture

No. 1
Do not run in factory area.
No. 2
Please be on walkways while moving
(blue area).
No. 3
Do not put hand in pocket while walking.
No. 4
No using phone while walking.
No. 5
Before crossing road or walkway, please stop and check all sides. Refer to the sign.
No. 6
Please hold the handrail.
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